1972 Nissan Fairlady Z (S30) White

Model Year: 1972
Color: White
No. of Seats: 2
Mileage: 14,100km
Engine Code: L20 Original .Solex.40
Displacement: 1,998 c.c.

Steering Side: RHD (JDM) Short Wheel Base
Cylinder Number: S6
Gear-Box Type: 5-Speed Manual
Interior: Original
Trim: Leather
Weight: 1,017 kg


Description:  Watanabe Type-B Rims / Fairlady 432 Exhaust System / 3 Sets of Solex Carbs (40mm)
Conditions Ratings: Interior  ★★★★☆
                              Exterior ★★★½☆

Production Numbers: Unknown

Production Range: 1969 - 1978

Interesting Related Stories: First Gen Fairlady Z S30, one if the most successful cars in Japanese automobile history. This particular example is a true JDM with L20 engine and shorter wheel base, very rare in market, it is the most desirable Japanese classic sport car nowdays

Designer: Yoshihiko Matsuo