1999 Honda AMUSE S2000 AP1

Model Year: 1999
Color: White
No. of Seats: 2
Mileage: N/A
Engine Code: N/A
Displacement: 2,400 c.c.

Steering Side: RHD
Cylinder Number: S4
Gear-Box Type: 6-Speed Manual
Interior: Restored
Trim: Clothes
Weight: 1,250 kg


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Description: Mugen Bucket Seats / Mugen Carbon Hard Top / Dry Carbon GT Wing / Mugen Sterring Wheels / CE28N Rims (Volk Racing) 18" x 10J ET20 / Toda Spec / Motec ECU / Amuse Body Kit / Aim Dash Logger / ORC Clutch / Endless Brake Kit

Conditions Ratings:

Interior : ★★★★☆
Exterior : ★★★★☆

Production Numbers: 14,976 units (API Production in Japan)

Production Range: N/A

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