1995 Subaru Impreza(GC8) WRX Type-RA STI 

Model Year: 1995
Color: White
No. of Seats: 4
Mileage: N/A
Engine Code: EJ20G
Displacement: 1,994 c.c.

Steering Side: RHD
Cylinder Number: Flat-four
Gear-Box Type: 5-Speed Manual
Interior: Original
Trim: Clothes
Weight: 1,190 kg


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Description:  Fully Stock without any modifications. Version 2 EJ20G engine with five fuel injectors  / Type-RA close-ratio 5-speed gearbox / Optional air-conditioner / Optional roll-cage / optional manual sunroof / manual window

Conditions Ratings:

Interior : ★★★★☆
Exterior : ★★★★☆

Production Numbers: Build-to-order , production of 50 units per month

Production Range: 1994-1995 

Designer: Tetsuya Hayashi / Hidefumi Kato